Subject Recruitment

Based on parameters drawn up in study protocol, Inamed is prepared to select the most suitable, out of a wide variety of strategies, to establish smooth subject recruitment in order to achieve the trial’s goals. Thanks to long-term relationships with referring sites, investigators, KOLs and patient associations that can provide the right study population, as well as a proprietary database and a specialist network, Inamed is able to quickly recruit suitable subjects irrespective of the criteria governing potential patient inclusion.

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Recruitment Time

Examples of recruitment timelines of recently performed studies, whereby 100% describes the estimated recruitment time

Time [%]
68 mild to moderate asthmatics
20 COPD - 20 Asthmatic Patients
40 moderate Asthmatic Patients
84 COPD Patients
16 Healthy - 40 Asthmatic Children - 16 severe Asthmatic - 16 severe COPD
20 HV - 10 sev. COPD / Asthma - 10 Asthm. Children
30 Asthmatic Children
78 mild Asthmatic Patients
6 Healthy - 18 Cystic Fibrosis Patients

Acting as Hub Site by utilizing its proprietary database and wide network of referring consultants, Inamed is able to even exceed the planned recruitment time.

The graphics shows studies recently performed at Inamed's clinical unit, where the recruitment times could be significantly reduced, compared to the originally estimated time lines, by optimizing the cooperation within the referral network.

of the studies conducted at Inamed's clinical unit could be recruited on time or even faster than the originally planned timelines.