Large-scale Trials

In early clinical development, the term “large-scale trials” refers to mono-centre trials with a sample size of more than 80 subjects. The combination of Inamed’s in-house clinical unit with an outpatient clinic for ambulant visits and the company’s human resources pool allows the conduct of even large-scale trials within a reasonable period of time. In the basement, a large 600-square-metre outpatient area with a separate entrance allows the performance of outpatient trials for up to 200 subjects without interfering with in-house clinical trial activities. Recruitment of healthy subjects will definitely not be a problem, in light of the fact that Inamed’s volunteer data base is extremely well-tended, and recruitment of new subjects in the greater Munich Area with an urban catchment area of more than 6.2 million is always viable with limited expenditure. The connection of Inamed’s clinical unit to the public transport system is very good.