Recruitment Stategies according to Your Needs

At Inamed, we pursue the philosophy that every clinical project is unique, with its own challenges and requirements. Achieving critical milestones during the clinical phase, such as last subject in, requires extensive planning; therefore Inamed has set up different strategies for recruiting the suitable study population, within the specified timeframe.

For every project we select the right mixture of strategies, which best suit the study requirements, be it rare diseases or a very large sample sizes. Offering proactive, contingency-based escalation processes with pre-defined trigger points Inamed is prepared to enroll the required study population in a fast and effective manner.

Besides its vast network of referring consultants, which enables Inamed to act as a “Hub-Site”, Inamed has established different tools for recruitment prediction and study feasibility and site selection.

In addition to this Inamed has an own proprietary subject database, containing numerous healthy volunteers and patients of various indications. This database is maintained “live” and subjects can be selected according to specific criteria (e.g. indication, health status, concomitant medication, etc.).

Our strategies are designed to effectively support fast subject recruitment in order to minimize delays which can safe you millions of dollars in your clinical trial program.