Meet our Team

For well over a decade, pharmaceutical developers, biological specialists and medical device manufacturers have entrusted Inamed with their clinical trials. Backed by our comprehensive on-site infrastructure, we have the professional personnel necessary to design, execute and evaluate a broad spectrum of early phase clinical trials including large scale pharmacokinetic, -dynamic, and bio-equivalence studies. Staff is one of the most important assets for a successful clinical trial. Therefore Inamed ensures an adequate GCP training is conducted and documented for every employee on a regular basis. In addition to this continuing education, either by internal or external trainers, is available for all clinical unit members. With new medical employees a proper training is performed under the supervision of experienced colleagues. Investigator and their backups have many years of professional experience in the field of clinical trials.

Inamed's in-house clinical unit is running around 7 to 10 clinical trials per year according to AMG or MPG.

Dr. Wolfgang Timmer

Clinical Pharmacologist

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