Inamed's Clinical Unit

Inamed’s Clinical Unit combines premium comfort for our subjects with maximum functionality for the professional conduct of our clinical trials. The Clinical Unit currently consists of 3 floors with an effective area of 1’800 m² (19’375 ft²) and provides beds for 24 subjects, plus an intensive monitoring unit with 6 beds, depending on study design.

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3rd Floor

In this area 12 additional beds are available for in house studies. Moreover various examination rooms, doctor’s room and offices of the clinical staff are located in this floor.

2nd Floor

This area is used for in-house studies comprising an Intensive Monitoring Unit with momentarily 6 beds, subject rooms for 12 subjects, one subject lounge and a doctor’s room.


This area is dedicated for out-patient studies and contains a subject lounge (waiting area), various examination rooms, laboratories for sample processing and a doctor’s room.